TVAnts – 通过 TVAnts 进行现场足球直播

电视蚂蚁 仍然是最受欢迎的程序之一 在互联网上观看现场足球比赛. TVAnts took over from Coolstreaming and PPLive, as these have faded away TVAnts has continued to get better. Now offering a huge range of channels including many that show all forms of live football and other sports from all over the world. As well as live football, TVants also features many other live sports such as cricket, rugby, golf and plenty of basketball games. TVAnts may not be the easiest streaming software to use but once you have it running you’ll wonder how you ever managed without TVAnts, it certainly makes watching live Saturday afternoon football games a pleasure.

TVAnts 可以从这里下载:-


下载该软件很容易,幸运的是 TVAnts 使用自己的搜索功能包含一些相当全面的频道列表。如果您正在寻找更多频道,那么可能值得查看 TVAnts 官方网站 这里。如果这还不行,那么您可能想尝试一下各种现场足球列表网站之一,其中一些包含游戏的直接链接?